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Jadeite Jade  
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Advance Gemmological Equipment Analysis

We provide:
  • Infra-red Spectrophotometer Analysis
  • Electron Micropobe Analysis
  • Electron Scanning microscope Analysis

Professional consultancy service in gemstone for jewelers and customers.
Charge: HK$1,000 - $2,000 per hour.

Jadeite Jade Identification

Items Identification Report Small Report FTIR Oral Advice
Finger's Ring, Pendant HK$500 up HK$350 up HK$50 HK$200
Bangle HK$600 up HK$400 up HK$80 HK$250
Necklace HK$1,000 up - - -
Carving HK$1,200 up - Negotiate -
Price quoted above is per item. Earing pair counted as one item. Price is negotiable in case of bulk or long-term services

Diamond Identification

Items Grading Report
Colourless HK$600 up
Price quoted above is for 1 carat. HK$50 for each additional carat. Please call for price in case of rough stone and fancy colour diamond.

Appraisal Services

We provide professional valuation and appraisal services for assets valuation, personal estate, export, insurance and other purpose. In general, our charge is as follow:
Retail Replacement Charge
< HK$50,000HK$1,000 (Min. Charge)
HK$50,000 < HK$100,0002% of RPC
HK$100,000 < HK$500,0001.8% of RPC
HK$500,000 < HK$1,000,0001.6% of RPC
HK$1,000,000 < HK$5,000,0001.3% of RPC
HK$5,000,000 < HK$10,000,0001.0% of RPC
Transportation and accomodation costs are not included for overseas (outside HK) cases.

Colorstone Identification

Items Identification Report
Ruby, Sapphire HK$1,000 up
Emerald, Chrysoberyl HK$700 up
Price quoted above is for 1 carat. HK$100 for each additional carat.

Semi-precious Stone Identification

Items Identification Report
Finger's Ring, Pendant HK$600 up
Bangle HK$700 up
Necklace HK$1,000 up
Carving HK$1,200 up

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